The Changing Face of Fitness: Millennials and Interactive Training

A groundbreaking nationwide study dubbed “The Wellness Deficit: Millennials and Health in America” commissioned by Technogym, a leading fitness and wellness supply company, looked at the fitness habits and attitudes of the 5,000 Millennials, aged 14 to 34. The study revealed some very interesting trends relating to what Millennials look for in a fitness experience, and why they have been losing interest in many traditional methods of exercise. Specifically, Millennials, while having better access to health and fitness programs and tools, rarely have time to devote to properly maintaining their health. With education and employment along with increased social activity, Millennials are quickly gaining interest in adopting quick and effective exercise formats to fit in their fast paced lifestyles. Additionally; 77% would like their workout at the gym to be as interactive and fun as possible, 77% think the gym experience should be personalized to meet individual goals, and 69% believe physical competitions are a good way to keep fit while socializing. This is where Nexersys comes in.

The Nexersys product line is perfectly suited to accommodate all of these changing attitudes. Our interactive products focus on providing a high level of personal customization, interactive utility, fun, and most importantly, killer boxing-focused cardio workouts that burn 5X more calories than a treadmill in the same amount of time. The focus of these products from day one was to facilitate a fun and effective workout.

Infographic credit to CampusRec

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