Boxing Fitness Equipment for the Whole Family

If you have a family, you understand the experience of bringing home a new piece of electronic equipment. Sooner or later, it belongs to everyone. The same is true for fitness equipment. Only some equipment is just not appropriate or even safe for children to use. Not so with Nexersys. This boxing machine can be used by the whole family for fun and exercise. In fact, Nexersys has just updated their software to include a “child mode” so both you and your children can enjoy this fun and effective way to exercise. 

The sport of boxing has been a family favorite for years. In fact, the earliest evidence is a Minoan Crete fresco (dating 1500-900 BC) depicting two boys fist fighting with gloves. Since boxing’s apparent birth in early Mediterranean cultures, it has only grown in popularity. The exciting and powerful sport just wins the hearts and spirits of families all over the world.

Nexersys is the kind of boxing machine you can share with the whole family. With the many games, the onboard coach and tutorial videos, you and your family can take turns striking and kicking your ways to fun and fitness. Your kids will love hearing the feedback as their strikes and kicks are registered and responded to by the virtual trainer. Nowhere will you find a more effective, more engaging or more exciting boxing machine than Nexersys.

Also, with a boxing machine like Nexersys, your family can gain all of the physical benefits of boxing without the risks. Many parents are unwilling to allow their kids to take up the sport of boxing due to perceived risk of injury. But boxing has many positive benefits to children including building their confidence and keeping them active with great cardio exercise. People have used boxing to build arm strength, lose weight and increase their metabolism. And unlike most electronic equipment, while Nexersys has all the appeal of a video game, rather than encourage stationary behavior, Nexersys inspires rigorous exercise. If you are looking for a home gym that works for the whole family, Nexersys has it.

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