Nexersys For Commercial Gyms

Nexersys for Commercial Gyms

Set your gym apart with a Nexersys commercial fitness machine. Unlike traditional gym workout machines, the Nexersys provides fully interactive high intensity interval training that will take your gym members fitness to the next level.

The Nexersys commercial model is specially designed for the commercial gym with a heavier frame that can withstand hard hits from dozens of users a day and has special features such as Try Me and Quick Start. The Nexersys for commercial gyms is perfect for first time users or pros and will help your gym’s members challenge their bodies and improve their fitness.

Our MMA/boxing inspired workouts combine strike training, cardio, core, and resistance training to provide a complete and fun high intensity workout. The Nexersys is fully interactive and takes exergaming to the next level with personal trainer-guided videos and performance feedback after your workout. The commercial Nexersys offers 100 training videos and unlimited 4 minute avatar rounds so each and every workout is different and challenging to the user.

If you want to take your commercial gym to the next level in fitness technology- then the Nexersys is for you!

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