Choosing Fitness Programs to Start 2012

It’s almost 2012 and maybe you want to deeply change your lifestyle and dive into one of those new fitness programs. Or, it’s possible that the last year was a banner year for you physically and mentally, but you still have goals for losing a little more weight, building some muscle, increasing your cardio, and generally feeling great. Well, then it’s time to create a game plan, a real plan for turning your personal promise into reality.

Most New Year’s resolutions have lots of bark and very little bite. However, one method for helping you stick to your guns and achieve your goals for 2012 is to do something that might seem a bit archaic today – write out your plan and goals for the new year. Jot down specifically what you want to accomplish and make those ambitious goals both realistic and challenging.

If you are aspiring for a complete physical overhaul, it may be best to begin by choosing fitness programs that are less intimidating to start out. Success does not happen overnight. Breaking your exercise goals into bite-sized chunks will not only help you see progress in a more realistic light, it will also help you stay motivated to move on to subsequent phases of your fitness program.

For those seeking more specific goals, staying inspired may be the biggest challenge. Choosing challenging fitness programs may be one answer to avoiding the monotony of doing the same exercises over and over.

Be sure to chronicle your progress as a way of encouraging yourself to stick to your resolution. Of course, picking your favorite fitness equipment to exercise with is as important as turning up the volume on your favorite tunes, tuning out and pushing your way through to meet your goals.


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