Fitness Equipment Routines? Mix It Up!

There’s a lot to be said for diligence, especially when it comes to exercising with fitness equipment. Diligence and determination build muscle and burns fat. With these qualities you can find inspiration to do the repetitious work required to sculpt your body and achieve your goals. Or, at least, that’s common wisdom. For years the fitness equipment industry has followed this logic, offering fitness equipment intended to isolate specific muscles and achieve specific goals. However, more recent research shows that mixing up your workout with a variety of movements in real activities comes with huge benefits.

Mixing up your best workout routines allows muscles groups to rest in between workouts. Building muscles and tone is a two-part process including exercise and rest. When exercising, fat is burned and muscle works hard and is broken down. During rest after exercise muscles are built back up and grow. Varying your routine allows for one set of muscles to rest while the others are being worked. The most cutting edge fitness equipment includes this variety.

Another benefit to varying your routine is the mental effects it produces. It’s easy to become disenchanted and discouraged when the workout routine is boring or repetitive. Eventually, the mind seeks something new and motivation diminishes. As a result, home fitness equipment that offers a narrow range of activity is often a recipe for failure. So people join gyms that offer multiple pieces of fitness equipment. But gym membership can bring it’s own challenges, including scheduling issues, having to share fitness equipment, and dealing with drive time.

Nexersys offers a breakthrough in fitness equipment technology. With over 80 training videos, a multitude of exergames and a data-informed, responsive and customized onboard personal trainer, Nexersys offers a variety of movement and skill building that is unparalleled in fitness equipment. Nexersys builds mental agility and all those muscles you did not know you had, starting with those critical core muscles. Determination is an excellent skill, but great fitness equipment needs to offer something beyond the repetitions of the past. Nexersys offers a variety of movements to motivate, inspire and engage your whole body. That’s what we call fitness!

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Andrew G.   New York, NY 

"Just received the 3.2 update - outstanding!"

I really like the 3D effect for the Mitts and Sparring. Curious as to what would be involved to have the new center strike pad that is new with the N3.


Lalo A.   Santa Fe, NM 

"The best workout I have ever had"

I downloaded the update yesterday, let me tell you it's the best workout I have ever had. It's fun - like working out with a trainer. And the sensors are so much better, I don't have any problem with them. Thank you!


Angela I.   Greenacres, Australia 

"We have had some real positive feedback from our members..."

We have regulars that use it here on a daily basis. It’s a great alternative to a cardio and strength workout plus, it’s not boring and keeps you motivated. We encourage all our members to give it a go!


Suzanna H.   Cookeville, TN 

"Having the Nexersys on campus has gone over great..."

The students have seen it on TV, on YouTube and in the magazines and are ready to make it a regular part of their fitness routine. We are super happy with our Nexersys and I expect we’ll have to get another one.


Jenna H.   Loves Park, IL 

"Love coming in and using the Nexersys..."

My son, Jaxon, and I love coming into the Northeast Family YMCA and using the Nexersys. I teach group fitness classes at the YMCA so it is important to me that my son stays active and leads a healthy lifestyle.


Thomas H.   Chubbuck, ID 

"This machine is AWESOME..."

I have trained with some of the worlds best coaches. This machine is AWESOME. I get the best of both worlds. It increases your agility, power, and cardio. The cardio segment really works the hard to reach muscles and the abdominal routine is insane. I have yet to find a better machine or exercise to do high Intensity Interval Training on. This machine is everything it says it is and more.

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