Get to know the faces and personalities behind the Nexersys team. We’ll  feature one of our awesome employees each week to give you a sneak peek into the team behind the fitness equipment brand.


Name: Cesar Hernandez, Development Tester

Birthday: 12/15/1986

Favorite work/hit on the Nexersys? Tiger Uppercut

If you are what you eat, what are you: Beef

Favorite type of workout: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

When you were young, you wanted to grow up to be: A game designer.

Favorite song: Thriller

Song I find most annoying: Roxanne

Who is your all time crush (famous or real life): Adriana Lima

Do you have any hidden talents? Triangle choke

If you were a cartoon character you would be: Gary Oak

Favorite Austin restaurant: Homeslice

Pudding or Jello: Jello

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? Gary Oak

Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: Zombie

Do you have any phobias? Heights

Best vacation you’ve ever been on: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

What crazy fad from when you were younger, you wish you could bring back? Arcades

I am obsessed with: Martial Arts

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