Nexersys Joins the Growing Gaming Force in Austin, TX

With the release of the Nexersys Pro model recently featured on NCIS: Los Angeles, Nexersys joins the growing gaming force in Austin, Tx.  The Nexersys Pro model boasts the latest release of software that allows for multi-player competitions with up to four players, and up to 15 rounds.

Focusing on technique, Nexersys provides a unique combination of cardio, core, strength, endurance and mental acuity training in a single, revolutionary piece of equipment. It truly combines the best of fitness and now gaming.Brian Gaar, recently published an article in the Austin American Statesman titled, Gaming industry becomes creative force in Austin. In the piece, he highlights how the gaming industry is taking a foothold in the music capital of the world.

Despite the economic downturn, the gaming sector has evolved from a niche industry into a key piece of Austin’s creative sector.

From 2005 to 2010, gaming and digital media grew faster than any other creative industry in Austin, drastically outpacing the more high-profile music and movie industries.

The industry employed 2,848 people in 2005, with an economic output of almost $390 million, according to a recent report by Austin economic consulting firm TXP.

In 2010, those numbers had soared to 7,274 jobs and an economic impact of $991 million.

While that number of jobs is only about 1 percent of Austin’s total workforce, it is notable that the industry managed such significant growth through the economic downturn. And from a city perspective, the jobs are extremely valuable, with high salaries and creative skill sets that dovetail nicely with Austin’s identity.

At the same time, Austin has become a major player in the gaming industry nationwide. Local economic development officials and industry insiders all agree that Austin is now among the top five U.S. cities for video games.

Nexersys is one of many showing growth and opportunity in the gaming segment. Does Austin have a shot of becoming not only the music capital of the world, but gaming?  It will be an interesting topic to follow. Read the full article and you be the judge.


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