What’s So Great About Home Fitness?

Once you enter the gym it’s a game of strategy. Do you wait in line for the most popular piece of equipment, or do you settle for that tired old machine in the corner? Unwilling to wait, you take Option B and get started on that old standard. It smells distinctly of someone else’s sweat, but that’s just part of the deal. Twenty boring repetitions later, you have to start all over again. Somewhere in this maddeningly uneventful process, you start questioning your resolve. What’s the point of exercise if there’s nothing to get motivated about? Pretty soon you find that your regular “workout” consists of raising the chips to your mouth as you press the button on the remote control.

Today’s home fitness equipment can defy the ordinary.  Today’s home fitness equipment looks nothing like its predecessor. Gone are the days of buying the latest piece of home fitness equipment only to discover that the clumsy piece of aluminum you just paid way too much for is not only completely uninspiring, but also won’t fit under the bed like they said it would.

At Nexersys, our vision was clear: give people an industry-leading piece of home fitness equipment that would exercise every part of your body while engaging and inspiring you with the more than 80 video training rounds. Plus, in Nexersys, home fitness equipment meets gaming and data-driven routines. While you are busy hitting and having fun, the strike pads are receiving performance data that will help guide your exercise program. And the virtual trainer keeps your motivation high and your exercise focused. The home fitness industry has never before combined all these elements in one machine, and from what our customers are saying, the results are incredible. Whether you are a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter or someone committed to unprecedented fitness results, this  machine is a home fitness dream come true.

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