How Nexersys Incorporates Fat Shredding Capability

Losing weight shouldn’t be a chore. Certainly, you need to eat right, exercise frequently and stay motivated and dedicated to your weight loss goals. Yet, most people find ways to torture themselves. The torment of extremely mind-numbing and repetitive work combined with less-than-stellar results can prove quite frustrating for some. It is then when all the agony, boredom and hard work of getting fit and shedding pounds begins to erode one’s commitment, which often ends up lasting about as long as a drunken New Years Eve resolution. The fitness equipment sits in the corner slowly collecting a solid layer of dust as potato chips slowly begin to replace fresh vegetables. Perhaps what makes the difference in the success of an exercise program is having an enjoyable experience and producing tangible results.

Whether you want a body resembling a Greek God or Goddess, or just one where you feel good walking along the beach, burning fat should be fun and you should easily be able to observe yourself making progress. Nexersys is more than just a piece of fitness equipment. We designed this machine to become a part of your healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to train like a mixed martial arts fighter to use one, but you will get the fat shredding experience that those warriors use to stay lean and healthy. Intense cardio and core training with the Nexersys will definitely make you sweat and burn calories. More importantly, you will interact with your training experience. It is like a high quality and challenging video game and a personal trainer all rolled into one.

With over 80 technique, cardio, core and striking rounds, as you follow along or spar with your Avatar, you will not only watch the pounds fall away, but your feedback is an important part of any fitness equipment. Nexersys gathers key measurements, including heart rate, calories burned and your striking accuracy, among others. Not only will you know that you’re incinerating fat, the feeling of enjoyment you receive will keep you in the game, helping you to reach and maintain your fitness goals.


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