Losing 10 Pounds: Fitness Equipment and Tenacious Determination

Behold the daily stress. It can be all-consuming and even unhealthy. Certainly, we want to lose a few pounds, kick ourselves into gear and feel simply awesome. But, we get up early and dreary eyed; we commute through the chaos; we work hard and punch the daily clock. The next thing we know, we’re melted into the couch after a long day, bundled up against winter chill, watching Jersey Shore while devouring giant, artery clogging tacos. We pay for a gym membership that never gets used, and our home fitness equipment collects dust in the corner. If we could just lose ten pounds, we’d feel better, less stressed, and could sing at the top of our lungs in the shower and smile at our reflection in the mirror.

If you’re ready to set fire to your stress, feel more agile, and burn fat like a raging inferno, then losing that first ten pounds is the perfect benchmark. All you need is time, commitment, and effort. You don’t even need an expensive fitness center membership, a personal trainer, or some program that seemingly has the “secret” to weight loss. It all begins with a ferocious and dogged mental approach. This means finding a healthful and tasty nutrition plan that works for you and sticking to it. It means coming home from a hard day, skipping the couch in favor of pushing yourself further and sweating away on your home fitness equipment. It also means that you need to be patient. Ten pounds for some people will fall away like melted butter. For others it takes significant effort.

We’re not professional nutritionists, but we do know fitness equipment. And through persistent effort, tenacity and a commitment to de-stress, have fun and change your mental game, you can safely and effectively reach that wonderful benchmark of losing ten pounds. If your goal is more than that, that first ten will be a fantastic catalyst to help you burn off the next ten, and ten more after that. Don’t wait. Get started incinerating the pounds today!


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