How to Increase Your Child’s Time for Physical Education

Ever wonder what your child would be doing if there were more hours in the day? More  study time, getting to the chore list or what about more exercise time? Today it’s common for parents to want their children to get out and play, get more exercise and lead healthier lives.

There are countless factors that have decreased the amount of physical activity children have access to. Physical education time has changed in schools and kids just aren’t getting the time that past generations were able to enjoy. An increasing amount of schools have been cutting time for physical education in order to allocate enough time for other subjects that seem to have  a “measurable outcome”.  Schools are forced to focus more attention on standardized testing and classes are set to give the focus to subjects such as mathematics and history.  The assumption is made that more time in those areas will lead to higher scores.

Although there are no federal requirements in place for physical education in schools, there are guidelines that schools are required to follow that are set by The National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

The National Association of Sport and Physical Education Guidelines

– 150 minutes per week for elementary students
– 225 minutes per week for middle school students
– 225 minutes per week for high school students

Countless studies reveal that children who are physically active are more likely to succeed in school and perform better on standardized tests. Think about it, how many adults try to fit a workout into their day in order to release stress, find tranquility and stay healthy. Children are no different. Actually they may require more physical activity due to the enormous amount of energy they acquire.

A Solution to the Problem

Here at Nexersys, we try to promote physical activity with our new and distinctively unique Children’s Mode. As year’s progress and technology evolves, it seems there is less focus on fitness for children. Nexersys is trying to regain focus on fitness through fun exergaming by developing a Children’s mode that targets FITNESS,FUN & COMPETITON: all elements that relate to children.

How it Works

The new Children’s mode disables the top two pads allowing the children ages 14 years and below to get in the game!


– A new combo mode in the Multiplayer Competition Program – now alternate between Avatar Follow Me and Avatar Sparring
-Multiplayer Competition rounds- Children are able to compete alongside friends
-The addition of Multiplayer Workout Programs- up to 4 users can work out together alternating rounds while incorporating other conditioning exercises for group training sessions
-Saved workouts after each round, if the user can’t finish the entire workout. This was designed with children’s attention span in mind.

Nexersys is fitness made fun and strives to offer the entire family a full body workout. Plan a Nexersys fitness night and get everyone fit!






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