Nexersys Core Rounds: Challenging Core Exercises to Trim and Tone

The Core Building Blocks

Strong and sexier abs are just one part of developing your core. Your body’s core includes abdominals, obliques, back and other various muscles. Striving to develop these vital muscles can improve strength, power, endurance and overall stability.

Nexersys core rounds focus on key exercises to trim and tone your core. Each round focuses on toning every muscle in your core. Example core exercises include, jab/cross combos, plank holds, marching planks, chest press, leg lifts, crunch/punch combos, traditional crunches and bicycles.

Nexersys core is only one training focus.  Rounds also include cardio, striking, technique and avatar sparring gaming rounds.  All of these rounds work together to create an easy to follow fitness program to provide an effective and efficient workout — easy to fit into your already hectic day. Nexersys training blends intensive core circuits and mind challenging rounds that requires even the most intense athletes to push through the burn.

Focus on building every muscle in your Core

Remember it takes training all core muscles to improve efficiency of movement, balance and increased power output from your arms and legs. Focused training in this area can dramatically improve your all-around performance and lead you well on your way to a new sexy core!

See a sample of Nexersys Core Training in this video.

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