Nexersys and Elite Krav Maga & Kickboxing featured on Fox 26 in Houston

Nexersys is now available at Elite Krav Maga & Kickboxing in Houston, Tx.

Natalie Bomke from Fox 26 was onsite to interview Jen-Kei Pong, Sales Advisor for Nexersys and Rebecca O’Connor, Owner Elite Krav Maga.

“It’s different and challenging  for members. Nexersys was designed with High Intensity Interval Training in mind. Each round includes 30 seconds of instruction, 3 minutes of intense fat burning, cardio inducing exercise and 30 seconds of cool down,” shares Jen-Kei Pong.

Top reasons why Nexersys was chosen for Elite Krav Maga & Kickboxing:

1) Nexersys is innovative and unlike any other machine on the market. It incorporates key strike training, but also offers cardio and core workouts all on one machine.

2) It is self-sustaining so gyms can use it as a stand-alone training option for individuals looking for a fun new challenge or by structuring multi-user training classes.

3) Nexersys offers workouts for the beginner to the most advanced athlete.

4) It’s Fun – No round is the same. You’ll jump from crunch/punch combos and burpees into open sparring with the onscreen avatar and follow-me rounds that test your memory and speed.

Overrall, it’s a great way to offer something new, fun and challenging. Plus it gives gyms a great way to offer a NEW type of class to keep current members engaged and attract new members.

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Visit Elite Krava Maga & Kickboxing:
1251 Pin Oak Road, Suite 115
Katy, Tx 77494

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