Nexersys Introduces Fun Fitness at IHRSA 2013

The Nexersys team never had a dull moment over the two days of the IHRSA 2013 trade show. Over 400 visitors stopped by to try Nexersys and see how they too could bring a new an innovative experience back to their gym members. Visitors ranged from gym owners, potential dealers, fitness directors, personal trainers and media from across the United States and abroad.

“We were excited to highlight the release of our new 1.5 Commercial Software upgrade to show how facilities can re-engage current members, increase new memberships and monetize Nexersys usage both as a stand alone full body workout option or by utilizing Nexersys in a fitness class,” said Jamie Matusek Marketing Director, Nexersys.   “Our goal is to continue to develop new and fun ways for members to get a great workout and in the future share workouts, compare and compete against one another in our very own Nexersys community.”

The New 1.5 Commercial Software includes:

1) Attract & Engage Mode to get users on machine fas

2) Storage of up to 200 unique profiles and workout histories on each NXS-C machine

3) Administrative controls allowing for monetization of Nexersys usage

Nexersys also demonstrated a new beta arcade software called, King of the Ring. More to come on that later!

Nexersys offers cardio, core and strike training for a challenging and fun fitness experience for the beginner to the  most advanced athlete.

Visit our IHRSA product showcase or our IHRSA page.

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