Nexersys Fitness Trainer on the Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm

April, 2012

We believe kids should be fit. That’s why we’re so excited to have our Nexersys fitness equipment on Disney’s A.N.T. Farm.

A.N.T. Farm follows Chyna Parks and her friends as they attend the Advanced Natural Talents program at Webster High School.

Chyna and her two best friends, Olive and Fletcher, will be able to use our fitness trainer whenever they want during school hours because the Nexersys boxing machine will be featured throughout the season as the gang’s favorite fitness trainer. Let’s hope that all that training will help Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher in their schoolwork, and in their constant battles with their arch-nemesis and Webster High’s head cheerleader, Lexi Reed.

If you have kids at home and want to get them up, moving, and having a great time, look into purchasing a Nexersys. Get yours today and the whole family can be enjoying exciting home workouts in no time. The training avatar makes exercise seem more like a fun video game, keeping kids interested and engaged. You can even encourage healthy competition among family members with the multi-player competition upgrade.

Check out our Nexersys fitness equipment on Disney’s A.N.T. Farm to see Chyna and friends with our fun fitness trainer.

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