Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fitness Programs

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines boxing and wrestling with several forms of martial arts to create one of the most powerful and effective fitness programs out there. Whether used for competition, fitness or self-defense, the benefits of MMA are obvious. Not only does MMA give you greater strength and agility, but also it increases balance, hand-eye coordination and mental focus. That’s not to mention the personal confidence gained by developing self-defense skills. That’s why MMA is such a hot topic among personal fitness programs.

A key component in Mixed Martial Arts fitness programs, striking is deceptively simple. Yes, striking is hitting, but strike training goes way beyond that. Behind each powerful hit is the right footwork and stance. With strike training, a personal trainer provides individual feedback about your timing and form, while encouraging you to make each powerful punch count. The health benefits of striking are also increased when supported by direct, one-on-one training.

Now imagine having a personal trainer leading customized fitness programs in your own home, ready and waiting for you to step up and starting powerfully pounding your way through a full-contact exercise regimen, giving you all the feedback and training you need to make the most of every strike. With Nexersys, you have a personal trainer at your side, plus instructional videos, a sparring partner and scientific analysis of every strike. Each strike pad registers data about the power and angle of each hit and integrates that information into the training program. As a result, your training sessions become more and more tailored to your specific needs and goals. With that kind of feedback, your workout becomes far more effective and powerful. What’s more, the videos and games are specifically designed to motivate and empower you to reach your personal fitness goals. And that’s what it’s really about – motivation. Because even with the best in personal fitness equipment, the action is all yours to take. Go on, take it.

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