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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become a remarkable sports phenomenon in the last decade. What started as an attempt to see which martial arts strategies worked best in a real fight, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has now become its own sport, and the competitors are some of the fiercest on the planet. In a sport with so few restrictions and so many skills to master, they’d have to be the best of the best. UFC workout regimens, to be effective, would have to be a match for this level of training.

If it all sounds like a modern version of ancient combat games, well, it is. Mixed Martial Arts as we know it today is the descendant of a brutal Olympic sport called Pankration. Sometimes even ending in death, this Greek sparring game had only two rules:  1) no eye-gouging, and 2) no biting. This tradition has been passed down in many forms from antiquity to modern times, but the sport as it exists today has never in its history been more popular. That’s mostly thanks to the hard work and fearless dream-following of Bob Meyrowitz, president of the Semaphore Entertainment Group and founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts.

Training for Mixed Martial Arts has its own challenges. With so many skills, techniques and practices, how do atheletes ensure that they are the best UFC workout possible? Nexersys combines moves from these mixed martial arts styles with remarkable gaming and fitness feedback technology, creating the most innovative MMA fitness equipment available. With sophisticated, computerized strike response pads, a data-informed personal trainer, and a wealth of games and exercises, Nexersys is the best UFC workout equipment available for UFC training, and for that matter, personal fitness. Truly, Nexsersys is on the cutting edge of fitness technology.

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