Tips on Starting a Corporate Wellness Initiative

The majority of us spend more hours  in the office than anywhere else. So how does one stay fit or keep motivated to stay fit?

Well more and more companies are implementing corporate wellness plans with a focus on bringing fitness into the workplace. Companies have realized that by creating a wellness environment they encourage good health among their employees which has proven to lead to more energetic and engaged employees. It can also increase morale of employees and overall provide a better workplace and work life balance.

Helpful starter tips on developing fit and healthy employees

1) Create friendly Competitions where anyone in the company can compete to see who logs the most workouts. Encouraging workouts is a great way to keep your employees healthy and fit. Sign your company up for a group or community on a site like Here you can create a company group, create profiles and track workout history.

2) Start snacking well in the Workplace. Help employees make smart food choices in the office by making healthy snacks available to them. Try to avoid displaying vending machines packed with junk food. Encourage employees to bring healthy snacks in to share or take budget from another area and splurge on a weekly health snack tray.

3) Provide employee assistance programs for private counseling or weight programs. A reason employees may not engage in fitness activities could be due to financial reasons.

4) If you have a gym plan set times for group training where employees can sign-up to participate in workouts together.

5) Organize simple seminars on personal training and diet planning.

6) Finally all employees really need is support, it doesn’t take much effort to organize employee recreational gatherings outside of work hours. This encourages employees both to work out and mingle outside of the office.

Implementing a new program like corporate wellness starts at the top with your leadership team. So get them on board and lead your team to a healthier lifestyle!

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