High Intensity Interval Training: Extreme Effectiveness Meets Extreme Fun

To the uninitiated, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may sound like something better left to the pros, but the truth is, you don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to benefit from HIIT. So what is High Intensity Interval Training, and how does it work? High Intensity Interval Training is built on the idea that, for maximum results, exercise should be brief, infrequent and intense. Through these short intervals of highly-intense exercise, the muscles are stimulated to increase in size and strength at a rate beyond traditional exercise.

Since High Intensity Interval Training was popularized in the 1970’s by Nautilus founder Arthur Jones, it has become an increasingly important part of strength training programs. During this time, technology has also had it’s influence on the fitness equipment industry. Today, people expect feedback and results data from their home fitness equipment. The more the better. That’s because people want the best results possible, and they know that technology has the potential to provide valuable information about their progress in real time.

Nexersys brings the worlds of High Intensity Interval Training, Mixed Martial Arts and technology together in one extreme package. Nexersys is a cutting-edge striking machine that incorporates real-time performance data, a virtual trainer and gaming into guided high intensity interval training workouts.

At Nexersys, we believe that home fitness should be fun, motivating and effective. Home fitness equipment should create an exercise experience that hardens your body and sharpens your mind. Blending technology and fitness, our training machine provides the kind of instant feedback that makes this possible. And as a punching and kicking machine, it allows the user to customize an unlimited combination of high intensity training workouts, all the home, so you can make the workouts as intense or as deliberate as your like. No, you don’t have to be a professional to benefit from Nexersys, but you can certainly get pro-level results.

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