Nexersys Launches ‘King of the Ring’ Arcade Game

Nexersys is expanding into the gaming market and kicking off at the IAAPA show in Florida this November, the largest event in the U.S. serving the gaming and arcade space. Betson Enterprises is our partner for North American distribution and will have a booth to introduce those in the space to the latest in fun gaming.

The development of  ‘King of the Ring’ will help build additional awareness for Nexersys in the fitness market and provide improvements in both the user interface and user experience.

King of the Ring is an action packed, physically involving striking game that is both fun and challenging. Players can choose to challenge the 3D fighters on their own or compete with multiple players for the highest score. The game includes amateur, professional and champion levels with different fighters for each. Each level has a mitt-training round before you challenge an actual fighter so you know exactly what strikes to throw and how. Each level progressively gets more challenging, getting faster and prompting the player to throw more strikes.

A Few Key Game Features Include:

  • Fast and fun striking games to get you moving
  • Multiplayer competitions to challenge up to 4 friends
  • Train with a trainer game play
  • Competitions in the cage against a fighter
  • Real-time performance based feedback to help you improve
  • Reaction based game…the faster you react, the more p0ints you get
  • Leader board for each level to see how you compare to other players
  • “Hit Streak’ during gameplay tracks how many strikes you land in a row
  • Combo prompts to get you moving and increase your score

The game is still in development and will introduce players to a new, interactive and innovative game play experience.

King of the Ring multiple players King of the Ring Levels King of the Ring Cage Fighter

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