Nexersys Tip: How to Create Custom Workouts

This Nexersys tip focuses on how to create your very own custom workouts.

Nexersys is unique in that you can follow pre-programmed workout routines with Nexersys Training, which progresses you through a variety of round types. You can select your fitness level, beginner, intermediate or advanced and select the number of rounds you’d like to do. It’s a great way to get started with your Nexersys.

Nexersys create a custom workoutHowever, you can also create custom workouts where you select the exact round types and fitness level per round. This customized workout option allows you to create multiple types of workouts that you have specifically chosen.

For example, you can customize a workout with 3 cardio rounds, 2 core, 2 strike training rounds and wrap-up with a  few challenging avatar follow-me rounds.

Create a core focused workout, strike technique and training or burn off steam by programming a few avatar sparring rounds or really mix it up with 2 advanced cardio rounds, an intermediate cardio, beginner core round, intermediate strike training it really is your workout, your way.

Getting Started:

1) Login to your personal profile

2) Select “My Custom Workouts” and then “Create Custom Workouts”

3) Simply follow the prompts to name your custom workout and start the selection process.





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