Small Group Training with Nexersys

Now is a great time to think through small group training classes in preparation for fall and the new year – it’ll be  here before we know it.  We want to help you create something new to attract new members and re-engage current members in 2014!

Members ultimately want to participate in something different, challenging and fun. With the help of Chris VanBerg, Co-owner/Trainer, FitCorp and Anytime Fitness in Pflugerville, Tx, we’ve outlined a simple small group circuit that utilizes Nexersys as your cardio station.  The class can last 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even go an hour based on the fitness level of your members.

Nexersys small group training guideWith Nexersys, your trainers can program each individual based on fitness level so if you have 4 participants you can program 1 beginner, 2 intermediates and 1 advanced so that everyone can train at the level they are most comfortable. Members can start out at the beginner level and progress in intensity as they progress through classes.

Quick Overview:

Nexersys – Pre-set your cardio rounds for 4 people. Ensure the individuals go through the circuit to
reach Nexersys when their particular workout begins (if you have varying fitness levels).

  • Station 1 (4 minutes) – Nexersys Cardio Rounds
  • Station 2 (1 minute) – Core Strength – Varying abdominal and core workouts
  • Station 3 (1 minute) – Lower Body Strength Exercises
  • Station 4 (1 minute) – Upper Body Strength Exercises

You can easily charge per session or set up a 6 week training class to really challenge members interested in this type of high intensity interval training circuit class.

Read the full training outline to get started with your new Nexersys small group training class.



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