5 Tips for Improving Striking Speed

Sure, having a powerful punch is cool. It’s intimidating, can be useful when fighting and making the most noise in the gym always draws a lot of attention (both positive and negative). But what would a powerful punch be if you could never land it? Whether you are practicing boxing, MMA, martial arts, or general fitness striking speed is easily one of the hardest elements to improve upon. Sure, you can knock someone out with one powerful jab, but all of the punches you throw before that have to be quick and somewhat powerful. We have compiled a list of tips that can help to improve upon your striking speed so you can start seeing some results worth fighting for.

1. Spend More Time on the Double-End Bag

The double-end bag is unique to boxing but can be used in any striking related training. It’s commonly incorporated into striking training to improve rhythm, timing, and accuracy. Most experts will agree that the skills practiced on the double end bag are essential for developing a well-rounded routine. This device is one of the foundations for building up speed. Not to mention it is a very cardio intense workout so you will shed any unwanted weight while honing your craft.

2. Practice and Fine-Tune Your Technique

This tip kind of goes without saying, but it can often be overlooked. It’s easy to get caught up in wailing away at the heavy bag that you can forget to allocate ample time to perfect your technique. There are many different articles and videos that highlight the proper striking technique, studying these skills and practicing them in front of the mirror will go a long way. Also, shadow boxing with a light weight in each hand can go a long way. It will not only prepare you for quicker striking but using weights will also condition your muscles so that you can keep your gloves up (which can be very hard to do).

3. Spend More Time on the Speed Bag

Just like the double end bag, the speed bag is crucial to building a well-rounded striking training routine. However, the benefits earned from practice on the speed bag differ from those on the double ended bag. The speed bag teaches you to keep your hands up while striking, which is important to any style of striking training. With a target so small and quick moving, it’s no wonder that experts will recommend incorporating this bag into most training regimens. This bag is a great workout as well, the intense small movements that are being used amp up the heart rate and burns a multitude of calories.

4. Implement Quick Interval Drills In Your Heavy Bag Training

The heavy bag is not limited to practicing the coveted knockout worthy, heavy blow, it can also be used to increase your speed. At the end of every heavy bag set, incorporate light but quick punches for the last 15-20 seconds of the interval. Keep in mind that these are not going to be full-blown punches, they are meant to be quick, not necessarily hard. This will not only work on your speed but will also provide you with some great cardio and endurance training. Feel free to switch up the punch combos you use every set because no matter which combo or strike you go with it will be challenging either way.

5. Increase Your Mitt Speed

It’s no argument that mitt work is one of the foundations for developing an effective strike. They can improve technique, power, and footwork. However, Mitts can also be used to increase your speed. It is important to note a good grasp on striking combos is needed prior to using them for speed. Once this knowledge of combos is gained have your mitts trainer run you through a fast-paced mitts routine, where the punches aren’t necessarily hard but are quick and taxing.
In conclusion, these tips will provide aid to those looking to improve their striking speed or even just upon general fitness. Striking training is not limited just to athletes, it can also be utilized in creating an effective workout. Joining a striking gym or creating your own in your home can be a daunting task. Try out the Nexersys N3 Elite or Cross Body Trainer and get the benefits of a striking workout and increase your striking speed without having to join a gym or take over the garage.

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