A Breakthrough for Fitness Programs

Today, people are looking for something beyond the boring and ordinary fitness programs of the past. They want efficient, effective fitness programs that that are engaging, inspiring and fun. With Nexersys on the playing field, all other fitness programs pale in comparison. That’s because Nexersys combines the convenience of home fitness equipment, the effectiveness of High Intensity Interval Training, the excitement of computer gaming and the motivation of a personal trainer. With Nexersys, cardio, strength, endurance and mental acuity are all improved through this revolutionary system. And forget about having to drag yourself through the same old routines. Nexersys provides over 320 hours of video rounds and unlimited avatar rounds. Just take a look at some of these sample rounds and see for yourself.

Fitness programs have taken a great leap forward with the Nexersys exergaming fitness programs. Combining the latest fitness and gaming technology, Nexersys provides real-time training feedback while you exercise. Each of the strike pads have receptors that tell the onboard computer the angle and force of each strike. Your virtual trainer then gives you specific, personalized coaching to guide your improvement. As you return for more rounds, Nexersys makes recommendations based on your previous results.

Nexersys is an interactive and intelligent fitness product that delivers a High Intensity Interval Cross Training workout through technique, strike, core and cardio video training and Avatar sparring rounds. Nexersys creates a unique fitness experience each time you work out by delivering intelligent and challenging workouts which are created based upon your personal Nexersys history & our professional training and fitness programs. From beginners to advanced strikers, Nexersys gives detailed feedback, including accuracy, strike count and power. No matter what your preferred level of fitness programs, whether its light and fun, moderate and challenging or vigorous and competitive, Nexersys will take you to your next level of fitness and beyond.

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N3 Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. If you are not satisfied with your Nexersys N3 Elite, N3 Youth, N3 Pro or N3 Commercial, you can request a return within 30 days after your delivery.
  2. Nexersys’ guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents subject to the terms of our Limited Warranty for each model. Learn more on our website https://nxsstg.wpengine.com/warranty/
  3. The Nexersys unit must be returned undamaged in its original packaging with all parts included. If your Nexersys is returned in damaged condition, with missing parts, or otherwise has signs of abuse, Nexersys reserves the right to refuse a refund or to charge additional restocking fees, at Nexersys’ sole discretion.
  4. Upon receipt of the unit, we will issue a refund of the purchase price paid, excluding any Shipping or Assembly fees.
  5. To initiate a return, please click here.
  6. The following Nexersys accessories may not be returned or exchanged if they have been worn or used:
    1. Hand Wraps
    2. Gloves
    3. Sports Towel
  7. Return request must be made in writing or email and received by Nexersys within 30 days after the original delivery date. Returned units must arrive at the designated Nexersys facility within 45 days after the original delivery date. Nexersys is not responsible for packages lost in transit without proof of tracking. Refunds for purchases will be credited back to the original payment method only.

N3 Professional Assembly

Nexersys is proud to offer White Glove Assembly service for all N3 packages in the Continental US. Upon delivery, a skilled technician will assemble your N3 Elite unit and ensure that it’s working properly before leaving. This service also includes disposal of packaging material.

White Glove Assembly:

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For full warranty information, please refer to the product manuals. If you need to make a warranty claim, please submit a service request

Warranty Type Products Mechanical and
Electronic Parts
Wear Parts Frame Labor Notes
Home N3 Elite, Cross Body Trainer Home 1 Year 1 Year 5 Years N/A *Warranty does not cover
commercial use
Commercial N3 Pro, N3 Commercial, Cross Body
Trainer Pro, NXSC
1 Year 1 Year 5 Years 1 Year