Beyond the Punching Bag

There’s a scene in virtually every fighting movie where the aspiring champion spars with the punching bag, practicing for the big fight with that iconic boxing equipment. Sweat flows, expectations rise and the music swells to a crescendo of victory. The hard working athlete is finally ready–and unstoppable. Those moments on the big screen are no accident. Directors and writers know that people live for inspiration.

Nowhere is this more true than with fitness and fitness equipment. If we are inspired, we’ll work harder and faster than we knew was possible. The converse is also true–without motivation, we flounder. We get lazy and complacent, and succumb to a lifestyle of sloth and indulgence. At Nexersys inspiration is our mainstay. With Nexersys, boxing equipment is reinvented.

Because Nexersys is more than just boxing equipment. It’s a sophisticated combination of interactive strike pads, computer generated training feedback, a virtual trainer, and countless mixed martial arts exergames, all designed to make working out more engaging, more inspiring and more efficient. Far from the boxing equipment of yesterday, Nexersys goes well beyond the punching bag. Each strike pad is wired to register the angle and force of each hit. This information is then used to customize the onboard, personalized training program. Your virtual trainer gives coaching based on your individual needs and goals, and recommendations are made based on what your body needs more. What boxing equipment does that?!

You see, at Nexersys we understand that the greatest motivation is fun and progress. No matter what your level of training, Nexersys is the boxing equipment of the future–with videos, exergames, and virtual trainer will make your workouts something to look forward to. As you see yourself building strength and agility, you may catch yourself humming victory music with your arms in the air. That’s OK, go ahead. You earned it!

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