Big News! Commercial 2.1 is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new software update for the Nexersys Commercial Model. The update includes several upgrades and bug fixes. Upgrades are:

  1. Leaderboard in the Attract & Engage mode showing the top 10 users
  2. Ability to export a spreadsheet to a USB featuring full machine data showing week by week usage
  3. Localization of menus for Spanish and Chinese that administrators can switch to within the admin profile
  4. Child Mode is back! Child Mode disables the top two pads so kids can effectively workout on Nexersys too

We are very excited to roll out this update and hope our users are just as excited!

We sent out an email to all Nexersys Commercial owners including a download link to the new software. Contact us now at if you are an existing customer and did not receive your update.

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