Boxing Equipment: Better than Using Your Little Brother

Perhaps you have watched the videos, read the articles, sparred with your shadow and worked on your boxing technique in the mirror. You run, jump rope, do hundreds of crunches. Yet, you still feel like something is missing and that you’re not getting to the fitness level you need. Your little brother isn’t quite big enough to take some soft punches and your buddies would rather drink beer than train. If that sounds like your workout regimen, then maybe buying some boxing equipment is in order.

There are so many varieties of boxing equipment available on the market to help you punch harder, faster and work on your stance and technique. Yet, without a personal trainer to guide your efforts, you could be only gaining minimal benefits from your training. After all, speed bags and heavy bags – while giving you something to strike at – don’t provide feedback on your performance. You may knock a virtual opponent out and even sweat playing the boxing game on Wii Sports, but as far as boxing or fitness equipment goes, one real life instance of sparring would probably find you on your behind.

However, when it comes to boxing equipment, the marriage of technology, gaming and personal training is our forte. When you can’t make it to the gym, your friends are off having their libations, video games are calling your name and your home is absent of personal trainers, then Nexersys can be your solution. You’ll perfect your technique, strike, spar, and make those crunches look sissy like when you power through rounds of video, avatar and gaming with the Nexersys.

Besides, not all those different pieces of boxing equipment will interact with you the way a virtual personal trainer will. Spar with your real virtual self instead of your shadow by checking out Nexersys today. We’re sure you will meet your match.


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