Exercise for a Sharp Mind

At Nexersys we have the tagline Hard Body. Sharp Mind™. But why sharp mind? The obvious benefits to a healthy fitness regimen are a strong, toned body and a healthy heart. Scientist and fitness experts have known for some time that exercise is good for the mind but more and more studies are bringing to light just how good, whether you’re 20 or 70.

Many people describe the feeling of euphoria after a good cardio workout or that they feel happier, more energetic and more “together” when they are working out regularly. This is not a coincidence.

Quoted in an article in Fitness Magazine, Patrick Hogan, DO, a neurologist with Puget Sound Neurology said, “Learning, remembering, reasoning, alertness and mood improve with fitness. A physical workout is better than any medicine. It’s the single most powerful thing you can do for your brain.”

The article goes on to say that working out can also help reverse the potentially harmful effects of chronic stress on your brain.

ABCNews.com shared the findings of a magnetic imaging study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign which looked at how exercise affected the actual structure of the brain. It was the first study of its kind. According to Dr. Arthur Kramer, a psychologist involved in the study, the most fit people in a pool of 55 volunteers, ages 56-79, showed the least amount of reduction in brain volume, a process that begins around age 30. Brain volume consists of gray matter which contains the neurons that are key to learning and memory and white matter which are the fibers that send signals throughout the brain. In addition, the researchers found more gray and white matter in the frontal, temporal and parietal cortexes each of which play pivotal roles in the cognitive processes of short and long term memory and our ability to navigate.

Dr. Kramer goes on to advise that we should all “get off the couch, no matter how old you are” because while starting young gives us a real head start, those who begin exercising regularly later in life show “pretty dramatic benefits.”

In addition to a sharp, happy mind, regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease later in life, according to an article from the American Council on Exercise. The article also states that “regular exercise has been proven to be more effective than brain games, super foods, supplements or any other method used to keep the brain sparking on all cylinders into old age.”

Prevention Magazine published an article, “Brainpower Game Plan”, a 4-week plan to boost brainpower. Some readers who followed the 4 week plan saw a 78% improvement in everyday memory. Among eating brain power foods such as fatty fish, avocado and olive oil, the article also suggests that mixing up weekly cardio routines with variety as well as adding classes or videos that include complex movements that require focus and thinking are great ways to gain even more benefits for your mind.

Nexersys brings you these brain boosting benefits in the following ways:

  • Cardio and resistance exercises combined with memory and reaction strike training games like Avatar Follow Me challenge muscle memory AND brain memory
  • A variety of movement including complex strike combos require coordination and focus
  • Mixing up moves in every round prompts quick reaction and alertness

Whether with Nexersys or the fitness regimen of your choosing, we encourage you to take advantage of all the mind and body benefits of regular exercise so you can get on the way to your Hard Body. Sharp Mind™.


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