Getting An Edge From Cutting Edge Equipment

Let’s get real for a minute: what do you really want in a home gym? If you’re going invest in a piece of fitness equipment that will be your first stop for a quality workout, don’t you want that piece of equipment to be extraordinary? Someone like you expects effectiveness and performance out of their fitness equipment. You want a multi-use machine that will test your ability and stretch your capacities. You want inspiration from your home gym. So is this too much to ask from a home gym? Not at all.

Nexersys combines the effectiveness of a mixed martial arts workout with the high-precision feedback of personalized performance data. As you hit the strike pads, this home gym records the force and angle of each blow and then uses it to give you a customized workout geared toward your exact needs. And this Nexersys home gym includes games, exercises and features that will keep you motivated and engaged throughout. With training videos, interactive games, and user-informed feedback, you’ll have everything you need to stay focused and motivated on your path to excellence.

Nexersys offers over 80 rounds, each with a focus on technique, cardio fitness, core development or striking. Though sparring with your personalized Avatar, you will be developing exactly the muscles that you need in order to maximize your strength and endurance–all from home. Gym memberships are a thing of the past for you. Nexersys gathers other key measurements too, including heart rate, calories burned and accuracy, among others. So your home gym workout is perfectly designed to meet your needs. No more boring repetitions and fake motivation–you’ll be naturally compelled by the engaging and fun games and coaching. It’s like having a personal trainer right by your side. But this trainer works whenever you say so. This is home gym technology at it’s cutting edge.

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