Nexersys Releases Commercial 1.5 Upgrade

It’s here! A new upgrade for our valued Commercial customers.

Nexersys Commercial 1.5 Upgrade includes significant improvements that maximize the overall user experience.

Now You can experience the Benefits of the New 1.5 Software Upgrade that Include:

1) Attract & Engage mode that gets users on machine fast. This video gives members an easy way to quickly experience Nexersys and will automatically play when you update your new software. From the video you can select DEMO to experience a quick introduction and interactive demo or select workout to get into the other features.

2) No USB Required for Personal Profiles. Gym members can now create a personal profile, save their training activity and save customer workouts without the use of a USB. Each Nexersys Commercial model can store 200 Unique Profiles and Workout Histories. Administrators now have full capability to set-up, manage and view user accounts saved on the NXS-C machine.

3) Complete Ability to Monetize Usage with New Administrative Controls. Control Guest User Settings; including buzz power warnings, tilt power warnings and training in opposite stance (southpaw or traditional). You can also easily adjust  open ‘Club Access’ and require a login to start a training session.

4) Improvements in Calibration adn the Overrall User Experience. Navigation improvements and simplified calibration for accuracy in strikes to give users more consistency among levels and genders.

As a result of these significant improvements, members now have an easy way to quickly experience Nexersys in a highly redefined way!

How to get started with your New Software:

1)  Install Software: Turn off your Nexersys unit, remove the old SD card replace it with the new 1.5 SD card and turn your machine back on.

2)  Set up Admin Security: Select WORKOUT then select RETURNING USER. Enter user name; ADMIN and password; 1234. Select MANAGE USER ACCOUNTS and select CHANGE ADMIN PASSWORD.

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Contact your Nexersys sales advisor at 877-209-0320 or email us at if you have any questions about your New 1.5 Commercial Software.

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