The Benefits of a Boxing Machine Workout

When looking for a new type of workout there are several factors one should take into consideration in order to maximize effectiveness and prevent boredom. A boxing machine like Nexersys can provide many benefits to keep you fit and having fun.

1. Does the workout focus on all major Muscle Groups?

Workouts using a Nexersys boxing machine focus on all key muscle groups, including core, legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back. By requiring balance, precision, and strength it engages all major muscle groups. The core is essential for maintaining balance while the legs are engaged throughout the motion of a kick. Arm, back, shoulder, and chest muscles are essential to the punching and jabbing motion.

2. Is the workout Redundant?

An important aspect of any workout is to avoid repetitive motion. Looped and continuous motions aren’t effective if you’re looking to achieve peak performance. High intensity interval training with a boxing machine allows for a much more effective workout by incorporating constant upward and downward shifts between cardio and strength training. An hour of boxing machine training will allow for a much higher rate of calorie burn than an hour of jogging on a treadmill.

3. Is the workout Fun?

If your workout routine is just that, a routine, then you are more likely to feel that it is something you “have to” do. The great thing about boxing machine workouts is that they provide a fun alternative to a prescribed cardio work out by making it into something you want to do rather than have to do. By creating a variety of motions and adding a competitive game-like feel, you won’t get bored. Enjoying your workout is an incredibly important part of maintaining a fit lifestyle.

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