The MMA Machine and Exergaming

For many, a boring workout can be their fitness downfall since redundant and dull workouts don’t keep a person motivated or entertained and they aren’t even effective for muscle building or weight loss. There are many benefits to incorporating an MMA machine into your workout schedule. Because Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of strength training and cardio exercise you will improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. By using an MMA machine there are more than just physical benefits. You will also learn discipline and relieve stress in a fun game-like format.

What is Exergaming?

Exergaming is the combination of cardiovascular exercises, simple stretches, and muscle strengthening that combines exercise and gaming experience into one activity. Offering a family friendly and competitive workout, exergaming with an MMA machine is an entertaining way to stay physically active as well as to hone your mental acuity and achieve your fitness goals. By offering fitness in a more engaging format, you will want to work out and you won’t lose that motivation, unlike on the treadmill or elliptical.

An Alternative to Sedentary Gaming

Whereas most video games have you sitting in one spot exerting minimal effort, the Nexersys MMA machine will get you off your butt and get you moving. By offering a competitive platform, you and your friends can measure your workouts and compete, just like in a video game. With continuous feedback, you will know exactly how to improve.  It’s like having a personal trainer, sparring partner, and gaming system in a single, highly advanced machine!

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