The Heat Is On

It’s hot. And not the sizzling, sexy kind of hot. We’re talking old-fashioned, oppressive heat. The last thing you want to do is go outside to get the paper, let alone exercise! Sure, they’re still a couple of die-hard runners out there, but unless they get out the door really early, you can be sure they’re suffering. And exercise in extreme heat can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Of course, you can pack up and go the gym, but let’s be honest–it takes extra patience to deal with waiting for the fitness equipment, the smell of old sweat and the boring repetitions. That’s why, in the summer months, many people buy a home gym. But that too can be frustrating when you realize the machine you bought is not as easy to use and exciting as it looked on TV.

Nexersys is a completely new kind of home gym. This home gym is like having a personal trainer, a sparring partner and a customized exercise program all wrapped into one. With Nexersys, you get a seemingly unending series of exergames and programs designed just for you. The sophisticated strike pads register the angle and force of each strike and use the information to customize your workout, breaking the mold of what’s possible in a home gym.

If you’ve ever considered buying a home gym before, you may have heard other’s talk about being disappointed or never using it. And for many, they aren’t counting on the extra discipline required when no one else is there to encourage you. Nothing could be further from the Nexersys home gym experience. With Nexersys, the exergames and personalized, interactive feedback is incredibly fun and motivating, and extraordinarily effective. Experts and users agree it’s one of the best workouts you can get. With this kind of home gym, be careful who you share it with, because you just might end up arguing over who gets to use it next, all the while shaping and toning your body like a pro.

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