The Top 3 Nexersys TV Appearances

NCIS Los Angeles

The Top 3 Nexersys TV Appearances Nexersys has been making great strides lately with our recent partnership with Microsoft PlayFab, but we’ve been a consistent player in the home fitness industry for much longer. The personal boxing trainer for your home has been around long enough to make its share of appearances on hit TV … Read more

Nexersys vs. the Treadmill

Nexersys is no ordinary fitness machine! It is a whole new kind of cardio that is physically and mentally engaging. Nexersys has been proven to burn up to 5X more calories than a treadmill and that’s not all! It offers HIIT workouts that include Cardio, Core, Gaming AND Strike rounds. Nexersys has so much to … Read more

The Future of Fitness: Small Group Training

What is Small Group Training? Small Group Training is 1 certified personal trainer guiding 4 – 10 people through a workout containing multiple circuits. What are the benefits of Small Group Training? Small Group Training allows clients to get the social experience of a large group exercise class but still get the personal focus and … Read more

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