Fitness Discipline: Tips to Work Exercise into your Busy Schedule

You haven’t quit already have you? We know that life responsibilities are certainly palpable, real, and also sometimes terrifically overwhelming. It’s part of the territory. Even if you’ve been a disciplined madman or madwoman, exercising wildly, even daily on your home fitness equipment, there may be a thought of, “How do I get back in the game, or stay on the path in 2012?” While there are no hard and fast rules to fitness discipline, there are a few things you can do to include some worthwhile exercise into your busy schedule.

Efficient Preparation

You may be able free up some time for exercise by efficiently preparing each day. Preparing meals in advance, having the laundry sorted and ready, and putting other chores on autopilot can give you a few minutes per day to sweat, get the blood flowing, and get some use out of your home fitness equipment.

Set Your Alarm Clock

If you find yourself mentally exhausted after a busy day, the strain can easily become reason to put off getting in some physical activity for another day. However, that can lead to every day being a wonderfully tiring day. Soon thereafter, you may find yourself staring at home fitness equipment collecting layers of dust. Waking up earlier may not always be pleasant, but making early morning exercises a priority not only helps fit physical fitness into a busy day, but also you may find yourself more awake, alert, productive and happy when you step into the office.

Hit the Play Button

Whether it’s morning, afternoon or night, it is the hesitation, the pause, that causes many to think too much about what needs to be done. The time spent pondering and doing menial things may be a good time to exercise. Hit the play button instead of pause.

Involve the Family

One of the great things today’s home fitness equipment is the built-in technology and Exergaming features that provide for fun interaction. Trying to keep children engaged in an activity while exercising can be challenging; however, getting them involved in the excitement can make exercise enjoyable and fit into a busy day.

If you’re looking for a way to stay motivated or get back on the exercise bandwagon, time management can be your friend with just a little creativity.


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