Fitness Equipment: Back to School, Back to Fitness!

It’s no surprise that, as you plan to return to school, you may be motivated to hit the fitness equipment and get back into shape. You’ve had a fantastic summer playing in the sun, enjoying your friends without the pressure of school work, tests and demanding professors. But for a moment, let’s face the ironic truth. In the last few weeks you’ve spent a good bit of time on your couch, watching with inspiration as the tremendous bodies of the Olympians move through their races and routines. As they demonstrated their performance in their peak condition, your own body remained still, and the biggest effort was getting up for more soda or chips.

But all fitness equipment is not the same. In fact, most fitness equipment is designed to exercise a specific muscle group or focus on cardio fitness. What you need is fitness equipment that will get you to your fittest in the fastest, healthiest way. Now consider Nexersys. Unlike your grandfather’s fitness equipment, Nexersys ushers in a whole new generation of fitness equipment. Imagine fitness equipment that not only gives you a top cardio kickboxing workout, but exercises all of your core muscles, as well as working virtually every muscle in your body. Now imagine that with each hit or kick, this fine piece of fitness equipment is measuring the angle and force of every blow, while your onboard virtual trainer gives motivating and precise coaching designed in the moment and just for you. This fitness equipment goes beyond any other machine out there, delivering a High Intensity Training workout while remaining fun and challenging.  And if that weren’t enough, Nexersys has exergames and training videos as well.

So sure, you may have lost a little momentum when you decided to sit down and pick up the remote control. But now you can put all of that Olympic inspiration to work for you as you rebuild that fantastic body with some of the best workouts out there. And nothing prepares you for the stress and mental effort of school like a healthy physique. Nexersys will take you there. Just hop on board and think like a champion.

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