High Intensity Training is Not Just for Olympians

Sometimes it seems like High Intensity Training and other training techniques used by star athletes are too inaccessible to regular folks. We’ve all been inspired this summer by the phenomenal skill and accomplishment of the 2012 Olympians. The obvious dedication, skill and training required to achieve their level of athletic success is astounding. While it may seem that Olympic athletes are somehow fundamentally different from the rest of us, the truth is, they just take different actions than most. High Intensity Training is one way that Olympic Athletes get their edge.

Until recently, High Intensity Training has been used almost exclusively by the athletic elite. But current research has shown the High Intensity Training may be one of the best workouts for the average healthy person at any level of fitness. High Intensity Training improves cardiovascular health while increasing the rate of fat loss.

With High Intensity Training, the exerciser alternates between a low intensity workout or rest period and a period of highly intense activity which lasts from 20 seconds to a minute each. Traditionally, cardio workouts have required sustaining a moderate level of exercise for 30 minutes or more. With this type of exercise, the body eventually adapts to this level of physical stress, and progress reaches a plateau. Results such as fat-burning become harder to achieve at that level. Physiologists call this a “steady-state” cardio workout. By contrast, High Intensity Training has a different impact on the body, requiring the body to increase the fat-burning ability of each cell and the body’s metabolism over time.

Nexersys incorporates High Intensity Training into the exergames and interactive training sessions, bringing the effectiveness and efficiency of Olympic training right to your fitness equipment. And, since each strike pad is fitted with sensors that capture the angle and force of each blow, you can use your personalized data to customize a High Intensity Training workout to your own specific needs.

When incorporating High Intensity Training into your workout, it is important to pace yourself and get much-needed rest. Many Olympic athletes, for example, get 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night to ensure that their muscles have ample time to rebuild after exercise. You may want to give yourself plenty of rest by scheduling your High Intensity Training workout for every other day instead of every day.

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