Home Fitness: Changing the Game

Home fitness is hot. This market-driven paradigm shift towards home exercise excellence continues to help people who have limited time each day, get sweaty, lose weight and feel great. In the last decade, home exercise has transformed from consisting of boring, sub-par equipment and activities to a fun lifestyle change where home fitness equipment is not something you laugh at after seeing in an infomercial. No, right from the comfort of your home, garage, and your man/woman cave, you can shed fat, tone muscle and even relieve stress in an engaging and exciting way.

While there are a lot of new products out there, you don’t need to purchase fifty DVD’s, a gaming console and all kinds of exercise gadgets that will end up like last night’s leftovers just to get fit fast. One of our goals at Nexersys was to build a home fitness machine that hits every part of your body. In fact, one of the best parts of the Nexersys is that you get to hit back too. Certainly, we designed our labor of love to let you strike and kick at the focus pads. Using the Nexersys can help you train for an MMA bout or simply get fit. But it’s the complete lifestyle change and guidance from the virtual personal trainer that will keep you motivated to hurry home from work, get up early, and reach your fitness goals. It is our thought that home fitness should be fun and it should be for everyone. You should have enough choices and enough variety that working out is an experience rather than just a goal to achieve. That is why we incorporate more than 80+ video training rounds to help challenge you.

Home fitness shouldn’t be a bore or a chore. Home fitness equipment should be as intelligent as you are. With real-time feedback that incorporates “exergaming” and endless entertainment, the Nexersys will not just invigorate your core and your heart, it will make you feel alive.


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