Cardio Kickboxing: The Future is Now

Before John Cusack’s 1989 character Lloyd Dobler explained to his girlfriend’s father that his career plans to become a professional kickboxing champion, most people did not know that the sport existed, let alone its value as a cardio kickboxing workout.  Today, this hybrid martial art is widely practiced throughout the U.S. by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Starting in Japan in the 1960’s and moving to the U.S a decade later, kickboxing is a standup combat sport based on kicking and punching. In the 1990’s fitness instructors recognized the potential for kickboxing as a form of aerobic exercise, and cardio kickboxing was born. Most records credit martial artist and fitness trainer Frank Thiboutot as starting this fitness craze.

Did you know that you can burn up to 500 to 1000 calories in one hour of cardio kickboxing? All those kicks, strikes and aggressive strategic thinking burn a lot of energy, as well as increasing your heart rate, building endurance and toning muscle. With Nexersys, whether you are a brand new enthusiast looking for an exciting and engaging cardio kickboxing workout or a mixed martial arts professional looking for a high intensity training session, our home fitness equipment will provide you with the cardio kickboxing workout and intense training you’re looking for. Nexersys’ onboard virtual trainer and sophisticated feedback software means you’ll get personalized training that meets your exact fitness needs.

In the words of Dobler, if you “sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career,” chances are you’re dealing with stress by the end of the day. Or perhaps , like Lloyd, you gave your heart and you got a pen in return. Either way, nothing relieves stress and frustration better than a great cardio kickboxing workout. And after that cardio kickboxing, you’ll feel like a million bucks — your assault on the world of fitness begins now.

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