Nexersys: Your Dream Feeder

Focus pad training has been around in one form or another throughout the history of boxing. The structure is relatively simple: one person, known as the feeder, holds the pad and calls out moves to the boxer. The boxer strikes the focus pad training mitt in response to each call until the drill is complete. The fighter has to adjust his/her focus, aim and stance in response to the calls of the feeder. Whether your fitness level is light and fun, moderate and challenging or vigorous and competitive, focus pad training (when done right) is an extraordinary workout. Focus pad training incorporates speed, agility, concentration, technique and conditioning into one powerfully effective workout.  Focus pad training is one of the most efficient and best workouts out there, IF your partner knows what they’re doing.

Seasoned mixed martial artists know that the quality of the workout depends on the skill level of the feeder. A good feeder knows where to place his/her hands, how to time the movements and how to give constructive feedback with each strike. To maximize the workout requires enormous concentration and endurance from the feeder. A poor feeder can ruin a workout.

Nexersys fitness equipment was designed to provide the kind of focus pad training that only the best feeders are able to offer. With Nexersys as your focus pad training partner, you get a highly precise, personalized training session every time. With each hit, Nexersys records data about the angle and force of the strike and adjusts the training session accordingly. Our revolutionary focus pad training software records your progress and uses it to instantly provide the kind of feedback needed to maximize your game and your fitness level. Our training and fitness rounds incorporate force and accuracy training, as well as bob and weave techniques into your focus pad training. Whether you are using the videos, the personal fitness avatar, or the gaming series, Nexersys will challenge your fitness level with all the energy and encouragement of a personal trainer. And this feeder won’t burn out, lose focus or get hit in the face. One workout and you’ll know–Nexersys breaks through the boundaries of what’s possible in fitness equipment.

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