High Intensity Training = High-Level Results

Most people know what it takes to burn fat: the right diet, and an exercise regime that includes aerobic activity. But let’s face it, who really wants to log countless hours on the treadmill or go to yet another class where the overly peppy instructor barks orders as you do endless, repetitive motions set to music? Couldn’t there just be a way to get it over with faster? Or better yet, actually have fun? Well you’ll be glad to know that the latest, most cutting edge fitness research and home fitness technology is on your side.

We’re talking about high intensity training. High intensity training includes a series of exercises performed at maximum intensity with periods of lower activity in between. The results produced by high intensity training are remarkable, including such benefits as increased resting metabolic rate and increased overall oxygen consumption. High intensity training just works. And research shows it works better than low intensity training, actually burning more fat than traditional aerobics. And many people find it quite simply, more fun. Offering the best in home fitness equipment, Nexersys gives you this kind of high intensity training right in your own home.

Nexersys fitness equipment has seven strike pads, each with reactive resistance to provide resistance for strikes and at the same time providing you with continuous performance feedback. The user interface is a lot like a video game, so the experience remains engaging and fun. The screen shows workout instructions, heart rate and calorie burn information and performance feedback. Nexersys even provides you the ability to work out with wireless headphones. Nexersys and the Avatar games are not only fun but test your skills by challenging your speed, agility and power. The Avatar games are complex and engaging, getting more and more challenging as you move up from level to level. With Nexersys, the level of fun and intensity are high, but the rewards are even higher.

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