HIIT Training: Time is On Your Side

Most of us begin our chaotic days getting ready for work. After a day at the office, we manage all sorts of responsibilities as if our to-do list stares us down from every corner. With all of our efforts spent getting things checked off of our daily list, it’s no wonder we end up asking ourselves where the hours went. All of which can make finding a prolonged period to exercise quite challenging. If you discover that finding long enough occasions for physical fitness is difficult, or you aren’t seeing desired results from your current fitness routine, you may want to try HIIT training.

There are several unique advantages to HIIT training. One is that you don’t always need hours to set aside each day for working out. In fact, just twenty minutes of daily HIIT training can provide long-lasting results, which will have you singing the tune “time is on my side, oh yes it is.” But, more importantly, they call it “high intensity” for a reason. HIIT training pushes your aerobic and anaerobic systems, helping you burn more calories. This focused type of cardio fitness also keeps working for you long after you’ve finished your workout. In fact, your body keeps burning fat while recovering from the proverbial kick in the rear you gave it.

While some programs may vary, the core of HIIT training typically consists of maximum intensity exercises for up to two minutes followed by up to five minutes of fitness at 60 to 70% of the maximum heart rate. A HIIT training session typically begins with a short five-minute warm up and follows with a five-minute cool down period.  Your HIIT workouts can involve using home fitness equipment or involve bursts of sprinting followed by jogging.

As the name implies, HIIT training is intense and not easy. HIIT may not be for everyone, especially those with heart conditions. You should always consult your doctor if you have any concerns prior to starting a HIIT training regimen.


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