Focus Pad Training: Find Your “Zone”

You may have heard the term athletes sometimes call “the zone.” When athletes find their “zone” it can seem like somehow they were able to channel some sort of random mental state in which time slows and every distraction falls away like melted butter. In reality, the zone often derives from consistent hours, weeks and even years of practice and training. Whether you are a fitness aficionado, preparing to get into the ring with intense Mixed Martial Art training, or just looking to improve your self-defense techniques, focus pad training is a great way to get a killer workout, find your zone and help you find that winning flow.

One of the most efficient techniques for improving concentration, technique and conditioning is to incorporate focus pad training into an exercise regimen. Kicking and striking pads at different levels using a variety of combinations can sharpen both mental and physical reflexes. However, do not be fooled. Focus pad training is challenging and just like the definition of focus, you will develop close and narrow attention to your present moment. Whether you use a friend or home fitness equipment, to strike and kick pads; with practice, you will find the zone.

At Nexersys, we have developed many of our training and fitness rounds based on solid focus pad training that not only helps you accurately learn to strike and kick, it will also help you incorporate bob and weave techniques that will improve fighting skills and your fitness level. Whether you are participating in the infinite combinations of video, avatar or gaming series, after a few rounds, you will begin to find your flow and tune out interruptions and find your zone. Because there are so many options and techniques to learn and experience, focus pad training with Nexersys will continue to be fun and interesting. It’s like having a training partner to help you get in the zone right from your own home.


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