Post Workout Tips: You Need to Fuel Your Body to Make Progress

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we have the right nutritional tips for your post workout routine that will help you recover and get you back right in the game. This years theme is, “Eat right, Your Way, Every Day” find out what that means for Nexersys

Eat The Right Foods

There are a multitude of foods that are great to indulge in, but check out these highly suggested food items that should be stored in your fridge after these hard hitting workouts.

Protein shakes, yogurt and fresh fruit, peanut butter, whole grain bread, fish and red meat are options.

Fluids. Fluids. Fluids.

It’s  necessary to rehydrate after an intense workout. Hydration is important for one’s health and can also be helpful to burn more calories during a workout.Water is the best choice to rehydrate but if you have to have something else try sports drinks, vitamin water,  fruit juice or vegetable juice.

Stretch Your Muscles

Even the most serious athletes forget to prioritize stretching into their post workout routine. It is very common to believe that stretching is key in only the pre workout routine but this is false. Stretching is also a very important part of the post workout routine. Stretching can help, prevent next day muscle soreness and fatigue, prevent future injury and calms nerves and relax the mind.

Learn more by visiting the National Nutrition Month page

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