Cardio Fitness: Feel Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes seem almost super-human? UFC fighters can fight round after bloody round. Bicyclists on the Tour de France turn the Pyrenees Mountains into an anthill. And Michael Phelps makes an Olympic-sized swimming pool look like a backyard kiddie pool. A big portion of their success can be attributed to conditioning with cardio fitness. While most of us likely won’t compete in the pro ranks anytime soon, each of us can feel like a champion with a healthy dose of cardio-respiratory endurance exercises.

Feeling like a champion does not always mean you have to excel at sports. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), last year nearly three quarters of a million people in the U.S. had a “coronary event,” and one American will likely pass away while you are reading this. Sobering news. Yet, while the statistics are frightening, cardio fitness can reduce bad cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscle. In fact, just two hours of consistent, moderate exercise or just over an hour of vigorous cardio exercise will have your heart singing your praises. When you are exercising, your heart works hard to pump more blood to the muscles in motion. Your entire system actually acts like a musical orchestra to help your body perform.

While we may realize that cardio fitness is crucial to our long-term health, it’s easy to become uninterested when our exercise routine becomes monotonous day after day. However, technological innovations in fitness equipment are helping people increasingly interact with their fitness machines in ways that stimulate the mind and the body.

At Nexersys, our goal is to take user interaction and cardio fitness to a new level. Guided by sophisticated software and sound, an assortment of unique training programs will make users tired, but not tired from lack of interest. After several rounds of kicking and striking at the padded accelerometers, it’ll be easy to feel like a pro.


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