Personal Fitness Training: Vigorous Exercise That Will Make You Sweat!

In our last blog, we shared that according to a 2010 report from the Centers for Disease Control, more than half of adults surveyed say they have never participated in a vigorous physical activity in their free time.

This may have left you wondering, “What exactly do they mean by vigorous exercise?” While there is no exact definition or qualifying measurement, a rule of thumb is called the “talking test.” In other words, you should only be able to say just a few words at a time during vigorous exercise. If you are not somewhat breathless, or you can chat freely, chances are, the exercise is not “vigorous.” And yes, you likely should be sweating!

The benefits of vigorous exercise are clear. In the short tern, higher intensity workouts burn more calories, requiring less time to complete. And as we discussed previously, the immediate health benefits are many (impacting energy level, sleep quality, mood and the immune system). But high-intensity exercise also has long-term benefits. With healthy moderation, raising your heart rate for periods of time is good for one’s overall heart health. Further, studies have shown that people were more than twice as likely to maintain long-term stability in their Body Mass Index (BMI) if their exercise regimen included at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity per day. And over 20 years, what was the difference? Try an average of 14 fewer pounds than the comparatively less active set. You want to burn fat and keep it off for years? Daily vigorous exercise is the way to go! However, many personal fitness training systems will not provide real-time feedback, challenge the user or keep one motivated.

Nexersys cutting-edge interactive fitness equipment brings workout metrics to a whole new level. As you strike the seven padded accelerometers, the Nexersys personal fitness training system guides you through unique exercise programs designed to deliver the exciting, high-intensity workout your body craves. The strike-pad workout, combined with onboard trainer brings high-precision workout equipment into the convenience and comfort of your home. The Nexersys measures and displays the force of your strikes along with calories, heart rate and more; plus, it provides coaching and interaction — your very own personal fitness training program. This creates a continuous rigor and intensity unparalleled by other personal fitness machines. And because it’s fun, you’re even more motivated to keep your body moving strike after strike!


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