Exercise and Health: Dangers of Hot Weather Workouts

With summertime in full swing and warm temperatures affecting much of the nation, this can be a great time to break free from the desk, stretch your muscles and get in a great workout. However, as the sizzling sun bares down, and it seem like you could fry an egg on your sidewalk, it’s good to keep in mind how hot weather impacts the way you exercise and its potential effects on your health.

It’s easy to think that getting in a long workout in the sweltering heat is a great way to burn more calories. In truth, the health risks of vigorous exercise in hot weather are high, while exercising in the heat actually results in minimal influence on caloric burn rate.  Plus, heat exhaustion and heatstroke can happen faster than your loss of calories. What you do lose by sweating profusely is typically water. In fact, you can potentially lose over a quart of water during one hour of intense hot-weather exercise. Therefore, if you absolutely have to exercise in hot weather, be sure to hydrate properly.

While exercise and health seem to go hand-in-hand, even indoors, temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels. And that extra stress on your body may be harmful. However, while it doesn’t seem practical to turn the air-conditioning to chilly temperatures just to power away on your fitness equipment, shortening the duration or intensity of your workout can still provide the benefits you seek while reducing the potential for harming your health. Another solution for reducing your risk is to exercise in the early mornings or evenings when temperatures are likely to be cooler.

At Nexersys, we are passionate about fitness. From cardio exercise that benefits your heart and your mind, to toning muscle and losing weight — keeping fit is important. But remember that how you exercise is just as vital as the devotion to your fitness routine. In fact, your health might depend on it.


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