Choosing the Best Workouts

It’s one of the world’s most elusive mysteries. It is a tantalizing question about exercise and the benefits that physical fitness provides to the human body and spirit. Workout products, magazines, DVD’s and gyms all claim to have the best workout. But what is the best workout? Is there one single workout routine that tops all others? Or, is the best workout really like choosing the right ice cream; after all, ice cream comes in a wide assortment of glamorous and not so glamorous flavors?

The truth may be found in the subjective nature of our likes and dislikes, much like choosing between Powerade, Gatorade and plain H2O. While many men might say the best workouts are done on a Sunday by watching NFL football and working their biceps, lifting beer to their lips; truly, there must be some criteria to tell whether one workout is better than another. Interestingly, the results from one fitness program, and some fitness equipment are better than others, there are other criteria that may help you determine what the best workout is.

When reaching to define the best workouts, we have to consider that a training plan for one person may not be adequate for another. Someone looking to build muscle would not likely think the best workouts are ones using small weights and high volume repetitions. Conversely, someone looking to tone muscle and lose weight would likely be averse to focusing on using the bench press and heavy dumbbells. In many cases, this comes down to determining the best workouts for your body type.

However, often times the best workouts are those that not only produce results and help you reach your goals; perhaps the best workouts of all are the ones you will actually do, and do again, because they keep you motivated. No matter what workout program you choose (and you may have to experiment with several), the best workouts are the ones you find that work well for you.


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Andrew G.   New York, NY 

"Just received the 3.2 update - outstanding!"

I really like the 3D effect for the Mitts and Sparring. Curious as to what would be involved to have the new center strike pad that is new with the N3.


Lalo A.   Santa Fe, NM 

"The best workout I have ever had"

I downloaded the update yesterday, let me tell you it's the best workout I have ever had. It's fun - like working out with a trainer. And the sensors are so much better, I don't have any problem with them. Thank you!


Angela I.   Greenacres, Australia 

"We have had some real positive feedback from our members..."

We have regulars that use it here on a daily basis. It’s a great alternative to a cardio and strength workout plus, it’s not boring and keeps you motivated. We encourage all our members to give it a go!


Suzanna H.   Cookeville, TN 

"Having the Nexersys on campus has gone over great..."

The students have seen it on TV, on YouTube and in the magazines and are ready to make it a regular part of their fitness routine. We are super happy with our Nexersys and I expect we’ll have to get another one.


Jenna H.   Loves Park, IL 

"Love coming in and using the Nexersys..."

My son, Jaxon, and I love coming into the Northeast Family YMCA and using the Nexersys. I teach group fitness classes at the YMCA so it is important to me that my son stays active and leads a healthy lifestyle.


Thomas H.   Chubbuck, ID 

"This machine is AWESOME..."

I have trained with some of the worlds best coaches. This machine is AWESOME. I get the best of both worlds. It increases your agility, power, and cardio. The cardio segment really works the hard to reach muscles and the abdominal routine is insane. I have yet to find a better machine or exercise to do high Intensity Interval Training on. This machine is everything it says it is and more.

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