Core Training: More than Crunches and Sit-Ups

Integrating core training fitness equipment in your routine is ideal; especially if you really want to carve abs that will make swimsuit models envious, or even will alleviate back pain. Of course you will have to develop a core training strategy that is suited to the goals you would like to achieve, and that can be best worked into your exercise routine. There is a point a which you can hit a plateau if you do not diversify your workout. This is where core training can provide diversity and build some structure to your regular cardio workout.

What is core training you ask? Core training is exercises that focus on the development of deep and superficial muscle groups that make up our trunk and torso. In essence, by strengthening your center, you stabilize and improve performance of outlying muscles in the body. Sit-ups have limited benefits, but core training can improve your body control and balance, reduce risk of injury, help with poor posture and even increase the power used by your shoulders, arms and legs.

Using Nexersys home fitness equipment can improve your abdominal core strength, but is only one piece of a well-rounded fitness routine. Fortunately, there are varieties of core training exercises that will help strengthen each part of your abdominals, as well as a host of core muscles at the same time. Whether you choose to get your core training from lunges, hip lifts or plank exercises, creatively use your home fitness equipment or dominate your living room floor; sculpted abs, good posture and reduced back pain take time and effort. Yet, the best part is that because there are so many muscle groups that make up your core, you can actually enjoy exercising and focus on real results rather than doing thousands of dreary and boring stomach crunches.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to mix up your routine and include some core training!

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