Boot Camp for the Home Workout

Effective exercise takes discipline and hard work. Yet, when it comes to home workouts, our self-control and hard work can easily go right out the window. We wake up, go to work, come home and take care of responsibilities. It’s a continuous tap dance through life at a pace so rapid that Fred Astaire himself might have had a difficult time keeping up. So, how do we find the will power and self-discipline to reach our goals? One method is to take a few cues from military recruit basic training, otherwise known as boot camp.


Plan Home Workouts

Recruits in the military often follow a set schedule or plan of the day, which coordinates the time at which they wake, when they eat and when they exercise. Though you won’t likely need to plan every detail of your day, simply documenting your scheduled time for home workouts will keep you aware of your allotted exercise time and on target.

Turn Off Distractions

At home, distractions are everywhere. Basic training doesn’t allow for recruits to have cell phones, watch television or read magazines. To help keep your eye on the prize, discipline workouts by turning off and putting away any such distractions.

Document Progress Toward Goals

You may be exercising every day, but how do you know you are making progress? Military recruits go through an entire routine during basic training documenting their physical fitness process. You can too. Whether you track it on paper or use your home fitness equipment to monitor and document your development, you’ll be more motivated to stay on track as you follow your gradual success.

Get Others Involved

While you likely won’t want your friends and family wearing a Smokey the Bear hat and screaming in your face, let them help keep you accountable. Basic training is more than physical fitness. It’s about teamwork and motivation. And it helps to have someone on your team to keep you stimulated and inspired.

Recruits in basic training do not often have the luxury of choice. They eat, sleep and exercise when they are told. If you’re having trouble with maintaining your home workout discipline, consider these tips creating your very own basic training system. You’ll be glad you did!


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